Tis the season for theft

Purse thief leaves cash behind

A woman returned to a Union bathroom after leaving her purse behind to find it in the trash can-only this time, with much less money inside. The perpetrator, however, left more than $100 behind.

Better lock next time

Since July 1, Detective Mike McPharlin reported four bicycles stolen from three different areas of campus. Each bike was secured with a cable lock. McPharlin said that they are the most commonly defeated security devices in bike thefts. “They can get through the cable lock in less time than it would take for a person to put the key in [the padlock] and turn it.”

In an unrelated case, a thief used a bolt cutter to break into a toolbox to steal some tools.

Fist of steel…and maybe a screwdriver

A car parked in the west stadium lot was burglarized. According to police reports, the thief “punched” the lock to get into the vehicle and then stole the car stereo.

Were you thinking about putting a ticket on my car?

A parking enforcement officer parked his bike between two vehicles while checking a parking permit displayed in another vehicle. The driver of one of the vehicles parked next to the bike got into his vehicle and left.As he turned, he drove over the parking enforcement officer’s bike.Police were called to sort this out, but McPharlin said insurance companies will probably decide who was responsible.

You’re better, but that doesn’t mean I love you

A hospital employee received flowers and a note that made reference to thinking about her in an “affectionate way” from a former patient, according to police reports. The romantic gesture apparently made the employee feel uneasy. “If somebody is unnerved enough, the police will respond,” McPharlin said.

Compiled by Tyler Peterson