My first impressions of the U

I have never had as much nervous energy as I did a month ago when my mother dropped me off at freshman orientation at the U.

Although I normally consider myself an extremely social and outgoing person, the idea of spending two days on a college campus with no friends was enough to make me want to cry, and I did.

I was convinced that everyone would think I was a complete dork, but ultimately I realized that every other freshman was in my same position and harbored the same insecurities and concerns as I did.

As I walked into the Heritage Center and saw dozens of smiling faces in red polo shirts, I instantly felt at ease.

The student orientation leaders were enthusiastic, helpful, and most importantly I could tell that they loved the U, which completely calmed my nerves.

The two days I spent on campus were a total whirlwind. There were sights to be seen, questions to be answered and schedules to be planned. But even amid the chaos and my undeniable social anxiety, I was able to discover several things that, prior to orientation, I had never truly appreciated about the U. I immediately noticed the facilities available for students on campus, and I was very impressed by the extensive library, the comfortable dorms and, of course, the appetite-inducing dining hall. In comparison to the other colleges I had considered attending, the facilities at the U are far better.

Equally impressive were the many student services available, like career and life exploration and the individual department advising. Moreover, the staff was very helpful and patient in guiding us through all of the functions and details of their particular departments.

Student involvement is without a doubt a large part of any campus and will be vital to my social life as an incoming freshman. That is why I was so happy to discover not only the amount but also the wide range of student involvement opportunities.

There is truly something for everyone to participate in, from greek life to Philosophy Club, and even a variety of religious organizations.

In my estimation, one of the most attractive aspects of the U is that it is, generally speaking, a paperless campus, which allows students to perform countless functions online, including registering for classes, choosing roommates and even checking on individual graduation progress.

I think this is a very smart and innovative idea because it eliminates a lot of confusion and creates a more convenient way for students to do all of these things in the comfort of their own dorm rooms instead of waiting in long lines and filling out a lot of paperwork.

Overall, it seems as though the U truly has its students’ best interests in mind as it caters to students’ specific needs.

My first impressions of the U were great, and I am excited that this will be my new home for the next four years.

I really anticipate taking advantage and utilizing all of the facilities, programs and student involvement opportunities that the U has to offer.

I am confident that the nurturing and accepting environment at the U will provide me with a wealth of knowledge and countless experiences that I will carry with me for many years to come.

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