“Balancing Act” Bullshit

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I haven’t read the Chrony for a few months now, so when I had a break in my schedule today, I decided to pick one up and see what my fellow students had to offer. My eye fell on the picture taking up most of the front page, which went along with the article called “Balancing Act”, which presented the revolutionary idea that you can be smart and, gasp, be pretty too! Thanks for letting us know this, I wasn’t really sure why I was unfulfilled for all these years until this article just clarified it all for me. Even though, apparently, I can’t be smart and beautiful at the same time, according to Maja – “You can be smart and beautiful and funny, too. You just have to know when to be one and not the other”. I don’t know Maja, and I’m sure she is a bright girl, but how is this displayed to us by telling us that she has an unopened copy of The DaVinci Code, which is not exactly the most scholarly of texts. My problem with this article was not the subject herself, but the fact that it was completely pointless and took up some of your prime space (not to mention it’s attempts at romanticizing the blue eyeshadow on her sink). You got rid of Red Magazine and now you print this kind of drivel? Thanks for at least providing my friends and I with a nice inside joke, and for giving Maja her own two-page personal ad. I can’t wait to see when you do makeovers for girls with the highest GPAs and the lowest number of dates! Maybe you can call it “4.0, but bad B.O.”

-Barbara GrayFilm Studies MajorSenior