Letter to the Editor: First U profile misses the mark

Editor:”Balancing Act” (Sept.7) was the first installmentin The Chronicle’s new UStudent Profile segment.This article, the frontpagearticle, describes a Ustudent’s struggle to findthe time to study, pick outthe correct earrings tomatch an outfit and amidstthe chaos realize thatbrains and beauty (andeven humor) can live inharmony. It was quite therevelation and the entirefocus of the story.In contrast to the articleis the “Getting to knowU” editorial. The editorialwas very right in the sensethat we are all here at theU for a common reasonand therefore share somethingwith all U students.It was also mentionedand once again was verytrue that not enoughstudents are aware of whattheir classmate do andgo through. The editorialspoke directly about the Ustudent profiles and howhopefully they could raisesome more awarenessabout what all studentshere at the U do everyday.Your new U studentprofile segment has thepower to introduce theentire U community tostudents who are trulyamazing, inspiring andhave a story to tell.Please, next time insteadof focusing on somethingtrivial, like beauty andbrains striking a balance,do a profile that will makeour campus communitytake a step back andwonder what kind of storythe person sitting nextto them has. That wouldtruly be a success on TheChronicle’s part.Who is The Chronicleto say what is beauty?Kira AyishSophomore, Undecided