Mayoral Race

By [email protected]

I have a rant, and a request.

Following the events in the Salt Lake Mayoral race is entertaining to say the least. I consider myself an independant voter. I read each candidates position and intention statements, try to see a live debate to get a sense of temperament behind the mask, and contemplate my priorities. Then I vote from an informed point of view. Recently, after Mayor Workman lost the vote of confidence and was asked to leave the Island Republicana, a candidate was found and duly written in. Enter Ellis Ivory. It should be mentioned that I spent part of my childhood living in Sandy, Utah and living in a home made by Ivory Homes. The house served its purpose and never fell in on me. Beyond my end-consumer relationship with Mr. Ivory’s company I have no knowledge of his stance on anything related to this race. And therein lies the rub; three days after being written in as the new republican candidate, Mr. Ivory was shown in the polls to have 35% of the vote already. Did I miss something? I will predict that since Mayor Workman is bowing out that some of the 15% of voters that were still behind her will also vote for Mr. Ivory. Maybe I am late to the party but how many of the voters who jumped on board with Ivory knew where he stood on anything before making that choice. Is good standing in the GOP all that is necessary to win their loyalty? Perhaps they have more efficient form of communication than the rest of us? I’m sorry, this has brought out my cynical side. I am going to propose however that the republican mascot be changed to the sheep.

P.S. – Will one of you English geniuses please come up with a synonym for “embattled”. The local Utah papers can’t seem to describe the Mayor without using this rediculous word. (Every day for 2 weeks now).

Ryan A. Boldrin – Senior in Psychology