In response to Ryan Boldrin’s letter to the editor from 10/14/04

By [email protected]

Ryan, I hope I’m not the first/only person to point this out to you, but the Democratic Party doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on with this issue either. Did you notice the large number of “anyone-but-Bush” and thus Kerry-by-default voters this year.I’m sure you’ve heard of the poll question in which they ask people if they plan on voting for Bush or “someone new.” According to Zogby’s tracking poll, as early as October of 2002 35% of those surveyed planned on voting for “someone new.” Kerry happens to be that “someone new” this year, but do you think that those 35% “knew where he stood on anything before making that choice?” The dems hadn’t even chosen a candidate back then, but these sheople already knew that they were going to vote along party lines, regardless of their eventual candidate’s positions on the issues. Don’t you think your criticism of the Utah Republicans is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black?

Brent TenneyBusinessSophomore