Red Sox

By [email protected]

I just wanted to write in and say thank you to Matt Ouellette for writing about my beloved Boston Red Sox. Being a Boston native I always get a warm feeling when I see a baseball cap with the famous B on it or some other Boston paraphanalia on campus. I usually just give a big smile to the person but if your not from Boston, you can never truly know what it’s like to see your favorite team struggle year after year. I too feel lost without my friends from home to apprecaite this spirited rivalry. I found myself Tuesday night in my Salt Lake apartment screaming at the TV, alone, because my roommates were at class and I felt crazy, so I called home and screamed through the phone with my best friends. I was in Boston for fall break and what refreshing feeling it was to be with other Sox fans who were “keeping the faith”. We all know it may be inevitable that the Sox will blow it but we will always stay true to the Boston Red Sox! Thanks again Matt and to everyone on campus, Let’s Go SOX!!!

Carrie Ferrera

Senior, Sociology Major