The AMAZING Red Sox!!!

By [email protected]

I know I wrote in last week about the Red Sox but after just jumping up and down in my apartment for the second straight night in a row I had to write in again… If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I NEVER would have believed it… The Red Sox are doing the unthinkable! They are two games away from going to the WORLD SERIES!!! It’s been too many years but this year it is getting close enough to really taste. I won’t lie and say sometimes I am not the most die-hard fan but after this night I will never question the Boston Red Sox again… If someone from the Utah Chronicle doesn’t write about the beauty that was game 4 and 5, it will truly be an injustice to the BEST team in the league… Ortiz is by far MVP in my heart and millions of other Red Sox fans… I hope the Chronicle does the Sox justice and covers all the great things that have been happening these last few days… And to this campus, rally around the truest team in the nation, the Boston Red Sox!!! We’re KEEPIN’ THE FAITH ALIVE!!! Even in Utah…

Carrie FerreraSenior, Sociology