To the nines

Members of the U’s Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity learned Monday night that chances of landing an important corporate job were slim if they went to an interview wearing potato sacks.

Under the guidance of Jeff Ovitt, the manager of the Nordstrom’s Men’s Department, fashion’s mysteries and importance became clear.

Both Ovitt and fraternity adviser Jeff Lenci emphasized the importance of appearance in the workplace in an attempt to compensate for traditional schooling’s lack of education in the area.

They also discussed the issue from an employer’s perspective stating that a prospective employee whose appearance is lacking means bad news.

“You can’t expect to catch a rainbow trout in a pond of carp,” Lenci said.

Fraternity member Jason Johnson served as the guinea pig for the presentation. His makeover included trading in his pink belt and Levi’s for a blue blazer and slacks.

The consensus among his fraternity brothers was positive.

“He looks good.”

Ovitt drew upon his 19 years of experience at Nordstrom to present the basics of male fashion, pointing out exactly what it was that brought about the change.

He made sure to point out that different occasions meant different dress.

“Ascot ties should only be worn in Europe,” Ovitt said. “Or in the Playboy Mansion.”

Fraternity president Jared Watkins, an self-proclaimed aficionado of male fashion, doesn’t believe clothes outweigh credentials, but he thinks dressing well could help.

“Appearance can open doors that would otherwise be closed,” Watkins said.

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