Freshman Fever Week to introduce first-year students to campus life

As part of the ongoing Freshman Fever Week, the ASUU Freshman Council is welcoming U students to participate in a pair of competitions Wednesday and Thursday.

The 26-member council said they hope to make freshmen aware of different activities at the U and to get them involved in various campus events through this week’s efforts.

“We want to let [freshmen] know there’s a place for them,” said Jon Hayes, U freshman advertising coordinator. “The U is not just a place where you have to wait until your freshman year is over to get involved.”

The first of the two events is a Dance Dance Revolution competition, which will be held in the Union Crimson Underground from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today.

The Freshman Council has arranged for a projector and Dance Dance Revolution game pad to be available for free participation. Although the event will target freshmen, it is open to all U students.

Freshmen will be invited back to the Union on Thursday from 2 to 6 p.m for the “Top Frosh Competition.”

The council will attempt to find one freshman male and one freshman female with the most school spirit through events including karaoke, pickle tossing and dodge ball. The winners of the competition will receive sideline passes to the UNLV football game this weekend.

The top frosh event will be exclusively for freshmen, but all students can watch and receive audience prizes.

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