Sullivan’s Travels’ screens tonight in LNCO

Tonight in Room 1110 of the LNCO, John Schulian will be continuing his Best of American Cinema film series.

This week’s film is the classic “Sullivan’s Travels,” directed by Preston Sturges. Schulian asserts that “if you care about movies, you need to know about (him).”

Schulian is a distinguished professor in residence and also teaches Literary Journalism and The Art of Storytelling. He is doing the film series in his free time simply for the love of film. His only hope for the series is that it gives U students an unparalleled opportunity to take in and discuss these films that normally sit at the video store, on one’s list of “I’ll rent (insert title) one day…” for the rest of their lives.

“What I hope my film series illustrates-and hope, believe me, is the operative word here-is just how wonderful movies can be,” said Schulian.

“I’m talking about movies graced by the kind of stars, directors and writers who gave today’s filmmakers something seemingly unattainable to shoot for.”

“Sullivan’s Travels” is a 1941 satire, starring Joel McCrea as a filmmaker searching for more than just simple fiscal success and Veronica Lake, the actress who journeys with him. “Sullivan’s Travels” isn’t the only film in Schulian’s series in which aspiring filmmakers will bask. In fact, anybody who has any kind of personal connection or love for film will find something for themselves in the film series-as he explained, such are his intentions.

“All I want to do is spread the word about just how wonderful movies can be,” said Schulian. “You don’t need to be a film major to enjoy this series. You just need intelligence and curiosity and a willingness to admit that sometimes the past really is golden.”

The silver screen will light up at 7:30 p.m. tonight, and admission is free (f-r-e-e). Following each screening is a discussion group on the film, led by Schulian. The Best Of American Cinema ends in December, and more information is available by calling the Language and Communications Department at 581-6889.

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