Greeks raise funds for cancer research

Members of the U’s greek community are in the process of raising $1,400 dollars for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Greeks participated in the “Crimson V. Cancer” carnival hosted at the Union, last night as a part of the annual HCI fund-raising week.

“We do not know if we will meet our goal,” said Bryson Morgan HCI week coordinator. “We are asking a lot out of everyone in the greek system.”

As part of the week, greeks have participated in various events throughout the U campus to benefit HCI.

Morgan said there are several changes to the traditional week that require more time and effort from chapter members.

“We have always had the annual Taste of Hope Dinner and the Running of the Balls,” he said. “This year, we decided to host more events like the carnival, and it takes a lot of work.”

Morgan hopes that the changes to the week will become a tradition for future HCI weeks.

Sigma Nu member Brandon Malone said the changes make students in the greek system more interested in participating.

“I think more events raised the awareness of the week,” he said. “It would be great if we could have this next year.”

Malone said that the $6,000 worth of prizes added to the fund raiser’s appeal.

“I am looking forward to winning a LoveSac and maybe some other prizes this week,” he said.

Representatives from other organizations also took part in the event, volunteering their time to help the greek community reach their goal.

Associated Students of the University of Utah Senior Counsel Lissy Largin said she decided to take part in the carnival because of the importance of the cause.

“I basically live in at ASUU so I decided to come and participate,” she said. “None of the students that are here from ASUU were assigned to help out, we just wanted to do our part.”

ASUU Campus Relations Director Rob Beck said his reason for volunteering was personal.

“Some of my neighbors dealt with cancer in their families and I saw how hard it was for them,” he said. “One of my neighbors has a daughter who struggles with cancer and she is only six.”

Beck added that a girl he knew passed away from cancer five months ago and he believes everyone should help raise awareness for cancer research.

Morgan said the night was a success and the greek system expects even more support during the Running of the Balls at Presidents’ Circle on Saturday after the football game.

He added the event was planned to take place at the game during half time, but because of the logistics and limited time frame it was impossible.

“We met with the athletics department and both sides decided it would be too hard to set up and take down,” he said.

There was also the safety concern for the people at the game.

“We wanted everyone to be able to get out of the stadium in case of an emergency.”

Despite the alterations, Morgan expects the events to continue running smoothly.

“So far we have had a great week with hardly any problems,” he said. ” I look forward to seeing the student participation at the Running of the Balls.”

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