Parking DISservices?

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]


It’s sad that parking services has shown such blantant disregard to students with the latest changes in the shuttle system. The yellow shuttle, which used to run between student housing and campus, now only runs between the hospital and research park. It seems that a similar change will happen soon to the purple shuttle route. Associate Director of Transportation Ken Searles ([email protected]) has simply blown off any concerns that students have raised and states that this new route is needed because of the services now found at research park. Since when do students get put on the back burner by a department that is supported by student fees? The last time I checked, neither the budget of the hospital nor research park has been used for any of these shuttles. If I can’t use the shuttles to get to and from school, then maybe Mr. Searles can tell me how to get back that portion of my transportation fee.

Kevin PreeceFirst Year, School of Medicine