Reply to Editorial

By [email protected]

Nick Macey, you’ve given me hope.

After reading your editorial regarding your opposition to Amendment 3, it is obvious that the students on campus are aware of the drastic life-changing proposed Amendment that is on the ballot November 2nd. It further gives me promise of a new generation of young idealists, such as yourself, that can see this Amendment for what it is – hatred in written form.

You are right – whether or not you oppose a gay lifestyle, or a domestic union of two heterosexuals, the fact remains that this proposed Amendment will impact, and hurt, hundreds of real Utahns. My partner, my daughter and I have a lot to lose if this Amendment is passed, regardless of the extensive legal papers we have had to draw in a vain attempt to protect ourselves.

I am grateful, and humbled, that you realize how much damage this Amendment will do. Amendment 3 won’t protect marriage. It will destroy real Utah families.

Thank you, Nick. Thank you.

Connie AnastStaff, University Hospital