Only two more days to win your free Graywhale cash-get a move on

Starting this month, we’re holding a contest (whenever we feel like it, really) testing our readers’ skills in mix taping and stretching horizons.

We give you a theme, you send us your list of songs in the order you’d want them mix-taped. The winner gets their mix tape (and DJ psudonym) published in Friday’s A&E section, along with a nice $15 gift certificate to Graywhale CD Exchange.

This week’s calling is our first two-sider: We’re giving you two themes to choose from, nine songs with each theme. Let it be known, though: individual sides are worth one gift certificate. Nail both, and come Friday: $30 Graywhale pesos are yours.

Without further a-do, the themes:

SIDE A: Halloween is right around the corner. Give us your best Oct. 31 Monster Masher, we give you the prize.

SIDE B: Think masks and homemade trick-or-treats are scary? The U.S. presidential election is just as close as next week. No joke. Give us your best Poly-mix to keep on rocking in the free world, and will give you a gift-certificate to buy some 1st Amendment Protected Good Ol’ Fashion American Rock (or hip hop. Or indie. Or whatever.).

Make sure to keep it in the right order, make sure to mix it up, and make sure it’s solid.

Mail your entries to fka[email protected] All entries are due by Thursday at 5 p.m.

Good luck!