Letter to the Editor: Initiative 1 is deceptive


In the Oct. 27 paper, the Chronicle criticized Sen. Bramble for being honest and telling people that if Initiative 1 passes, the legislature will allocate funds already being spent on clean air, clean water and open space to other projects such as education and transportation (“We the Legislature?”).

What I don’t understand is the Chronicle’s hypocrisy for not criticizing the supporters of Initiative 1 for misleading voters and petition signers by claiming it will fund open space while 20 percent of the $150 million will be spent on convention centers and museums.

Supporters also claim the legislature is only spending $800,000 in the form of “The Leray Mcallister Fund” to protect the environment.

That is a flat out LIE!

The legislature gives more than $200 million every year to the Department of Environmental Quality and to the Department of Natural Resources to protect our water and air, which are improving by every measurable standard.

As of today, the supporters have raised more than $1 million, much of it from out-of-state, special-interest groups, while the opposition has raised less than $20,000-all from locals. That alone should raise a red flag with voters.

I want to thank Sen. Bramble for being upfront with voters and not trying to be deceitful like the supporters of Initiative 1 have done.

The Legislature has a constitutional responsibility to look out for the best interest of the state. They are elected to represent the voters and in this case, to protect us from being swindled by out-of-state environmentalists and special-interest groups.

Aaron Holwedge

Junior, History