A&E’s second mix-tape contest has found its lucky winners.

The second week into our contest testing our readers’ skills in mix-taping and stretching horizons has brought in some genuinely amazing responses.

The contest?

We give you readers a theme, then you send us your list of songs in the order you’d want them mix-taped. The winner gets his or her mix tape (and DJ pseudonym) published in Friday’s A&E section, along with a nice $15 gift certificate to Graywhale CD Exchange.

And guess what? It’s Friday.

This week’s calling was our first two-sider: We gave you two themes to choose from, nine songs with each theme. Let it be known, though: individual sides are worth one gift certificate. Can both be taken? Of course. Did someone do it? Of course not…this week.


Without further a-do, the winners:

SIDE A: The Halloween Monster Mash-Up, mixed by Katelyn Burgess aka, DJ KATELYN!

1. “Thriller”-Michael Jackson

2. “Ghostbusters”-Ray Parker Jr.

3. “Sympathy For The Devil”-Rolling Stones

4. “Witchcraft”-Frank Sinatra

5. Time Warp-“Rocky Horror Picture Show” Original Film Soundtrack

6. “Halloween”-Dave Matthews Band

7. “I Put A Spell On You”-Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

8. “Spiderwebs”-No Doubt

9. “Superstition”-Stevie Wonder

SIDE B: Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World: Poly-Rock, mixed up by Ty Fawson, aka, DJ DEMOCRACY!

1. “The Star Spangled Banner”-Jimi Hendrix

2. “Gimme Shelter”-Rolling Stones

3. “Take The Power Back”-Rage Against The Machine

4. “Volunteers”-Jefferson Airplane

5. “Megalomaniac”-Incubus

6. “American Idiot”-Green Day

7. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”-Pink Floyd

8. “Taxman”-The Beatles

9. “City Hall”-Tenacious D

Congratulations to our two winners! DJ Katelyn was the only one to put the most obvious (and powerful) song on her mix, “Halloween” by the Dave Matthews Band, out of every single entry. Variety, style, class, and theme-she nailed them all.

DJ Democracy put his politics just how we like them-up the man’s bi-partisan tookis! Nothing too pushy, a great variety of A-list songs, and an ordering that segues the songs well won it for him.

We will contact the winners with further details on how to collect their Graywhale cash! Well done, and look out for Monday’s paper, where our next mix-tape call-out will be!