Letter to the Editor: Aggie begs U to keep Urban


Utah has a lot to offer Urban Meyer.

Having seen nasty rumors of Urban leaving at season’s end, Utah needs to consider the facts as they are, and stop being so pessimistic. First, Florida will offer Steve Spurrier the job, because he seems to be their best choice right now.

The second thing to remember is that even though a bigger school can offer more money, that doesn’t mean Utah can’t match it.

Third, even though we are not in a BCS conference, this does not mean we never will be. We are not forever beholden to the Mountain West Conference.

Fourth, although players leave all the time, someone steps up and takes over.

Imagine what a great coach can bring in.

Instead of losing Urban to another school, let’s find every way we can to keep him here. Make him realize we offer everything that goes into a great football school.

None of it will be easy, but neither will be slipping back to being an average Mountain West team with not much to look forward to.

By the way, I attend USU, but I eat and sleep Utah football during the season.

Scott Chance

Junior, Accounting

Utah State University