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I think it’s great that even here in conservative Utah, the U print media will give John Kerry a pass. Over the last 2 weeks or so there have been numerous articles slamming President Bush and other Republicans, while no articles condemning Sen. Kerry. Isn’t the paper’s objective to give a balanced, point/counter-point view? I have no problem with the paper endorsing a candidate, but the Chrony’s endorsement of Kerry was obviously taken from Democratic talking points. Even today’s paper (on election day nontheless) there is an attack on Pres. Bush and Rep. John Swallow while last Thursday’s paper had another scathing attack on President Bush. I have been reading the Chrony almost daily all semester and I have yet to see a critical article on John Kerry. I’m happy that the future leaders of America are getting a balanced viewpoint in order to create their own opinions. Congratulations Chrony, you have officially lost all political credibilty.

Jef CartwrightEconomics