Letter to the Editor: Don’t vote for Bush


Should George W. Bush be elected as President?

At the top of his list, unfortunately, is perpetuating the cycle of global violence through insisting on a knee-jerk military response (instead of careful response focused on mediation, diplomacy, etc.).

Bush may be planning to privatize Social Security, an institution that protects people in retirement. When a company views the maximization of its own profits as its primary objective, and controls Social Security (or a portion of it), the best interest of society will likely come secondary.

Bush’s environmental policies hasten the deterioration and loss of biodiversity through unnecessary road-building, logging and unbalanced energy policies that favor polluting fossil fuels over renewable technologies.

In short, we are left with a world wrought with problems, which no future generation should have to solve.

We have the opportunity to change the course of the United States and to leave our future generations with a world built on hope, cooperation and mutual respect.

Kevin Emerson