A&E’s third mix-tape competition announces its winners!

We told readers to get creative and find themes relevant to the oncoming season, or songs that feel “in the tone” of winter. This week’s winners are DJ Harold Miner and DJ Pat Newey!

Side A- by DJ Harold Miner

1. Al Green-“Ain’t No Sunshine”2. The Beatles-“Norwegian Wood”3. Coldplay-“Trouble”4. Ben Folds Five-“Mess”5. Bob Dylan-“Most of the Time” 6. Beck-“Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”7. Pink Floyd-“Comfortably Numb” 8. Dido-“Thank You”

Side B-by DJ Pat Newey

9. Nada Surf-“Blizzard of ’77″10. The Postal Service-“Such Great Heights”11. Audio Learning Center-“Winter”12. Mae-“Skyline Drive”13. Dashboard Confessional-“Age Six Racer”14. Jets To Brazil-“Further North”15. Audio Learning Center-“December”16. The New Amsterdams-“Idaho”

Winners, we’ll contact you on your job well done and how to pick up your hard-earned Graywhale shekels. As for everyone else?Keep on readin’, because next week, we’ll be at it again. Check Monday’s A&E section for our next calling. Until then-free your music, and keep on rockin’ in the semi-free world.