ASUU contacts U

The Associated Students of the University of Utah is developing a new program to make opportunities for involvement more accessible.

The new program, called Registration for Involvement, is an effort to encourage activity on campus.

The program is an online system that will offer links throughout various student Web sites, such as the Campus Information Systems.

“We’re trying to take a more proactive approach to take the pressure off of students,” said Student Involvement Director Jessica Rogers.

Once connected, the Web site will display information about student groups, internship possibilities and upcoming events.

The concept behind the new program is that student groups contact students, rather than the other way around. This will allow students to be aware of what possibilities the campus has to offer.

A primary goal of this year’s student government is to focus on helping students find their niche at the U.

“Most students don’t really know about these groups and opportunities,” said senior Ashley Randall. “It would help students be more informed about what’s going on around them.”

This information is categorized into different areas of interest, allowing students to pick and choose what looks interesting to them.

Once finished, students will enter their contact information and wait for the indicated groups to contact them.

To ensure that every student is contacted, members of the Student Involvement Board will follow up with both the groups and the students within a week.

A bonus of the system is the fact that there is virtually no money required to create it. Webmaster Wyatt Anderson, a high-school student, will create the system for free.

Rogers said she expects to offer the Registration for Involvement system for the entire university by the Spring 2005 Semester.

Some students are applauding the efforts of this year’s student government.

“The system would help me in feeling more represented through ASUU,” said junior Jim Wilson.

“It will be easier to be aware and active as to what is going on.”

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