Letter to the Editor: Hunting is about respect, hanging out with buddies

Editor: After reading Jeff Fullmer’s column (“Hunting Rocks!” Nov. 6), I realized he obviously grew up in a city where nobody hunts. Thus he knows nothing about hunting, except for what he sees on Thursday-night sitcoms.

Every hunter I know respects the animals he kills, and doesn’t do it for the pure pleasure of killing. They will always use the meat of the animal; it isn’t just a waste, as Fullmer implies.

Game animals are good eating, too. Hunting has always been a good experience for me, even if we didn’t get anything.

It isn’t just about the kill; it’s about spending time out in nature, and having a good time with your buddies.

So, next time when you feel like acting like a pompous idiot, make sure you know what you are talking about first.

Dave Frese

Sophomore, Chemistry