Andrew Kirk’s Alleged Apology

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor:

In reading Andrew Kirk’s opinion column entitled “Why I decided to vote for Bush” on November 11th I thought I had picked up the wrong publication–instead of the Utah Daily Chronicle this article should possibly have appeared in a publication of the extreme right wing conservatives. While a person has their right to disagree with members of the LGBT community wanting to get married but there is a line where it goes too far and that line was crossed when Mr. Kirk compared two men or two women getting married to adults beating children. This type of comparison is unacceptable the majority of the LGBT community are law abiding citizens who desire the same rights and protections under the law that the hetereosexual community already enjoys. Mr. Kirk claims that he was raised to respect homosexuals, but his column demonstrates a different view and that is a view of disrespect and intolerance. If you disagree with gay marriage that is one thing but in the future please remember that this is a campus with many different groups of people who all deserve the same respect, and being respectful of those differences does not include comparing any group of people to child abusers.

Heather DahlePre-Occupational Therapy5th year senior