WRC reaches out to U’s single mothers

The Women’s Resource Centerwill work with the Single MomFoundation every week in an effortto aid single mothers on campus.According to Diana Thomas, CEOof the Single Mom Foundation, oneof the biggest challenges singlemothers face is a sense of isolation.”Single mothers have to work,raise their children and do everythingin between often without anysupport,” Thomas said. “These gatheringshelp these women know thatthey’re not alone, and socialize withwomen in similar situations.”Socializing is only part of whatthe gatherings provide. Women alsoshare practical ideas and methods,ranging from time management towhat stores are having sales.”It sometimes goes beyond a sharingof ideas. Women can network togetherand share babysitters, arrangecooperative living arrangements, orwork together for nearly any othertask,” Thomas said.One of the group’s primary effortsis to establish self-reliance in each ofthe women who attend the meetings.”We try to help with everything wecan,” Thomas said. “Financial help,budgeting and advice for employmentare all offered so the womencan feel like they can stand on theirown two feet.”This feeling of self-reliance can beone of the greatest assets to a singlemother, according to Thomas. Shewould like participants to view thesemeetings as an opportunity for empowerment,not a charity.”I don’t like the term ‘brokenhome’ at all,” said Thomas. “Today’ssociety is built around family and thatterm comes attached with a powerfulstigma. For many women, single parentingis a deliberate choice and theyshould be applauded for it.”The group meets every Thursdayat 11:30 a.m., at the Women’sResource Center in room 293 at theUnion. Those interested must preregisterby calling [email protected]