Letter to the Editor: Analogy is offensive to gay marriage


I was deeply concerned when Andrew Kirk juxtaposed gay marriage and child abuse (“Why I decided to vote for Bush,” Nov. 11).

The comparison is illogical at best and manipulative at worst. I may be biased-having never experienced that “deep violent reaction” at seeing two people in love-but I believe the comparison is offensive to gay marriage.

Most people would agree today that to discriminate against a person because of his or her race is wrong. I believe I can also speak for most by saying that they would also approve a marriage between people of two races.

Although the activists usually try to avoid comparisons with the Civil Rights Movement, I believe the analogy is apt in this case.

Why, then, is it morally fine to make gays second-class citizens by denying them the right to form a union?

I do appreciate Mr. Kirk’s attempts to accept gay marriage and I recognize that he cannot. I feel similarly, as I am equally unable to comprehend refusing people rights that they are owed as Americans.

I cannot understand why religious convictions have become a driving force in legislating the laws of our country. I cannot see why what I see as bigotry is acceptable. I fear the next four years will, in fact, be that bad.

Camie Schaefer

Senior, English