Letter to the Editor: Clean up the anti-Bush graffiti


As I have walked around my beautiful campus these last six months or so, I’ve noticed something very disturbing.

It started in late summer, someone spray-painted likenesses of President Bush with the slogan “One Term President.”

I figured the groundskeepers would clean them up, as they do with all of the graffiti and vandalism that occurs here. But these stayed. Someone must have thought them funny.

Then, several weeks before the election, hundreds of spray-painted slogans appeared all over the sidewalks of the campus, all of which were anti-Bush. Some of the vandals had even spray-painted buildings.

This is so infantile that it isn’t even worthy of a response. But I would never vote for somebody whose supporters have little respect for the property of others.

Hopefully these will be cleaned up soon, as I am tired of looking at them. Also, where will the money for the clean up come from?

Shouldn’t the children who did this clean up their mess? They are far too immature to do something THAT responsible.

Susan Wolfe

Staff, Chemistry