Letter to the Editor: Environmentalism is about harmony


What is environmentalism? It is the realization of all beings who have had value beyond their uses to humans.

Environmentalism incorporates many different ideological standpoints, which are practical and pragmatic upon application.

Reducing our consumption now will better the environment for our children and grandchildren.

Conservation is the only principle discussed in the editorial (“What is environmentalism?” Nov. 9) but is improperly defined as preservation, a different principle to which some environmentalists relate.

Both principles encompass a small group of environmentalists and the anthropocentric, or human centered, end of the scale. Getting away from this anthropocentric view of the natural world is how we hope environmentalists are moving toward.

Harmony and co-existence ought to flourish among humanity and the natural world. The view that environmentalists want to exclude humans from the natural world is mindless propaganda.

Environmentalists are just trying to get people to take a step back and realize the impacts we have on the environment. As soon as that is accomplished, environmentalism will be self-perpetuating.

Carl Fisher,

Environmental Studies/


Brandon Lee,

Political Science/

International Studies

Patrick Whiting,

PRT/Environmental Studies