Letter to the Editor: Comments for Kirk


Andrew Kirk, I want to thank you for your helpful comments on why one might rationally vote for George Bush (“Why I decided to vote for Bush,” Nov. 11).

I think you make some very interesting points.

If I could perhaps just get by how you look in your picture, then I could finish the article-and I know it’s not your fault you look that way. Perhaps your parents looked that way, too. Thus I apologize that while at first I was logically convinced by what you were saying, now I associate your thoughts with total rubbish.

But perhaps I am doing you a disservice. At least you are honest about your feelings and not couching them in terms like ‘protection of marriage.’

Even so, your words produce in me, “a deep violent reaction, like seeing a child beaten.”

I hope you live wisely enough in the future to regret putting this statement in print.

Jim de St. Germain