Great Time to Be a Ute

By [email protected]

It’s a great time to be a Ute isn’t it? I mean with all the hussle and bustle of the season and the love we feel for all of our neighbors around us. Oh wait that’s not it, We are reigning conference champs in at least three sports, all three teams play well and play as teams creating a very good image for our school. Now I would hate for that image to be soiled in the slightest so I am issuing a call to arms. This week is one of the greatest weeks in the life of a Utah football fan. I am not talking about that we are looking at a very very likely break into A BCS bowl game, something which has never been done by a mid-major school since the BCS inception. I am not talking about being the possibility of ending the season undefeated either. While both of these above mentioned things are cause of great joy I am of course talking of THE HOLY WAR, yes it is the biggest game of the season and whether we are 9-0 or 1-8 it never means anything other than it is the biggest game of our season, and on top of that we are the home team and have the most successful team in school history (arguably). So let’s not spoil this opportunity. I am calling on every Utah loyal to go beyond this and be UTAH CRAZIES let’s be a home crowd more hostile, more boisterous than anything that this valley has ever seen. Let’s yell so loud that all the citizens of happy valley can hear what is going on from the screams of joy coming from the stadium. Let’s get up early and tailgate in whatever manner you are accustomed to. Most of all, don’t hold back, this is the time when we all unite against a common enemy. There are no low blows against a cougar, there is no shame greater than that which a cougar fan should feel after stepping foot on the University of Utah. Let’s make this the hottest most roudy of all holy wars yet.GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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