Greeks award themselves for accomplishments

Members of the U’s greek community celebrated chapter and individual accomplishments for the year at their annual awards ceremony Monday.

Representatives from every chapter in the greek system showed up for the event to accept awards for outstanding achievement and excellence.

“I wish we could have a ceremony for the hundreds of students throughout the greek system,” Adviser Lori McDonald said. “We invited several members from the chapters so all were represented.”

Stayner Landward, dean of students, told all in attendance he looks forward to the event every year because it is one of the few times he has the opportunity to meet with chapter members on a positive basis.

Spencer Ricks, Interfraternal Council president, said the event gives chapter members the opportunity to speak with “advocates on our side.”

Ricks recognized McDonald’s contribution to the greek community on behalf of chapter members by presenting her with a day spa gift certificate for the next time she is dealing with the “notorious problems.”

“There are not many people who could do Lori’s job for a week,” he said. “Not many people could deal with the irrational neighbors, incompetent officials, rush violations that we all know about and pompous police officers.”

During her acceptance speech, McDonald said she enjoys giving awards more than making certain phone calls.

Chris Sheard, U senior and member of Alpha Tau Omega and recipient for the Outstanding Greek Man award, said he was amazed when awarded the honor.

“I was somewhat surprised to be chosen from the caliber of people that were considered by the committee,” he said.

Sheard said an application committee reviews applications and decides who is worthy of the award.

“My fraternity brothers are always supportive,” he said. “I have never encountered jealous remarks from anyone in the greek community.”

Delta Delta Delta member Selena Downey said Outstanding Greek Woman and Tri-Delta President Brecken Pincock deserves the award because she is an outstanding leader.

“Brecken has made our chapter stronger as president,” Downey said. “She represents the all-around greek woman.”

Pincock added that receiving the award is a great accomplishment and she is happy she was selected.

“It’s the best,” she said.

McDonald said the community looks forward to awarding students and chapters at the ceremony next year.

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