U chess ties UVSC in first road match

U chess players returned from their first meet with Utah Valley State College, and were pleased by their results.

Enrique Arce-Larreta, a member of the U team, won the final game with nine seconds remaining on the clock, forcing a tie in the match last Saturday.

“Enrique helped the team a lot,” Club President Wes Gross said.

Anupam Chakravorty, another member of the team, beat a key player from UVSC in the final round and boosted the team’s points, leading to an opportunity to go home with a tie instead of a loss.

“Anupam was great, Enrique was great and everyone played the best they could,” Gross said.

Gross added that although the U did not officially win the match, everyone that went from the U enjoyed the competition.

Fourteen people from the U showed up to play and support the team during the event, according to Gross.

“We needed at least 10 people to play,” he said. “We were hoping to get [the 10], and we did.”

Gross said one of the club members was very excited about the results, and so the club plans to post how the team did and what their moves were during their matches on the club’s Web site.

According to Gross, the club will continue to practice in anticipation of their remaining two competitions this season.

The U Chess Club members said they hope more practice time will lead to more victories for them.

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