Letter to the Editor: ASUU is working hard for students


Would it be so impossible for you to promote ASUU events before they occur rather than insult them because you think they are wasting money (Nick Macey’s “Mystery surrounding Presenter’s Office scandal is unacceptable,” Nov. 18)?

You make it sound as though the only thing that has ever been done in ASUU was a nationwide quest for a new rec. center design. I’m pretty sure this is not the case.

What The Chronicle has altogether failed to do is inform students about the many incredible things ASUU has done under this year’s administration.

Take, for example, the UCard. Students can now put money on their ID cards and use it as a debit card on and off campus. Aside from the convenience factor, this can be a big benefit to students because the transaction fee is returned to the U instead of Visa, Mastercard, etc.

The senior class gift is another great example. The gift involves revamping the area in front of the Student Services Building and finally doing something about that broken-down fountain that hasn’t worked for who knows how long.

In addition, they are working on setting up a scholarship fund specifically for seniors. Any student donations to the project will go into this fund.

Perhaps your article’s greatest fault was comparing the Presenter’s Office to ASUU.

You cannot criticize ASUU while praising the Presenter’s Office because the Presenter’s Office is a critical element within ASUU.

No matter how hard you deny it, ASUU is not the big bad guy you make it out to be.

Next time you express your pessimistic views of ASUU, at least have the decency to inform students of all the advantageous things ASUU does and let them see for themselves how hard their student government is working for them.

Lauren Schaaf

Sophomore, Undeclared