Letter to the Editor: Ticket policy left U out in the cold


Why support a school that doesn’t support U?

The U and others have made it quite clear that ESPN is coming and they want our help, but who was the U helping when hundreds of cold, disappointed students were sent packing early Saturday morning? The U sold out its own students in favor for those who have more money.

The U expects hundreds of students, who were likely given the shaft rather than tickets, to show up and support an indefensible act before the eyes of America.

This is where I draw the line; please do not reward the university for ignoring you. If you feel that you must attend the ESPN broadcast, do it with picket and protest or you, too, support the exploitation of yourself and your fellow students.

I had no clue at 5:30 a.m. last Saturday morning that driving to the Huntsman Center would be a futile effort to secure tickets to the game.

Unfortunately for many U students, it took three, 40-degree hours to find out that the U had only reserved 2,900 sitting and 400 standing room tickets, we had little chance.

It was a feat of self-control to walk out of the stadium quietly, many did not. The U hijacked this game from the students because it is worth too much money for student presence-who is this game being played for anyway?

Not you. That much has been made perfectly clear.

You shouldn’t have to join a club or have a slumber party at the Huntsman Center to guarantee yourself a spot in the Student Section!

Brian Babb

Junior, Communication