The Chronicle’s View: Utes have class

Saturday’s victory over the Team Down South was rewarding on several levels-we’re going to a BCS bowl, we’re undefeated on the season and we spanked a much-hated rival.

But perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of beating BYU came after the game. While U fans swarmed the fields and tore down the goal posts, no one threw punches, no one kicked each other and the fans allowed all of the BYU players to wallow in their own misery in one piece.

The players were in one piece because the U team played a classy game. The same can be said for BYU. Even though the BYU/Utah rivalry is one of the biggest and most hate-filled in the nation, players from both sides stayed professional and finished tackling each other once the officials’ whistles blew.

It’s too bad that the same can’t be said for other match-ups in the country.

The Clemson vs. South Carolina game became so heated that state troopers had to flood the field and restrain 200 college football players from killing each other and play was delayed for more than nine minutes.

The violence wasn’t limited to college, either. At the Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons NBA basketball game, players from the Pacers jumped into the stands and began beating up fans.

This misbehavior only made the Utes and Cougars look that much classier, and it made the victory over the Team Down South even sweeter.

The Utes knew that if they began fighting, NCAA rules would require suspensions, and no one wanted to miss out on a bowl. But it took a lot of self-control to keep the game clean, and they should be commended for doing so. The fans deserve the same thanks for having a great time, and cheering their hearts out for their favorite team without losing control.

Now, the Utes won’t be known only as the team that busted the BCS, but the one that did so with grace and style.

Go Utes!