Book drive for K-9 children nears end

This year students from the U of have come together and organized the 2004 Book Drive.

The group is asking for any books that are suitable for children K-9, preferably those which are new or gently read. Their goal is to collect 500 books.

“We wanted to share what many of us love best, reading books with the communtiy,” said Tara Merrill, the Honors Student Advisory Committee service chairperson.

She added that “Statistics show that children who read have a greater chance of succeeding academically,” but that educational resources are not as readily available to the children as they would like.

The group would like to help out the children and provide an opportunity for them to learn to read.

At the end of the drive, students from the U will take the books to the Boys and Girls Club. Once the books have arrived there, Merrill said the group will throw a Christmas party to celebrate their new library of books.

There are book drop-off bins at the Heritage Center, The Bennion Community Service Center and the entrance to the Marriott Library.

The committee will collect books until Dec. 10, she said.

John Leonard

Last day to drop off books at The Bennion Community Service CenterDec. 10