Letter to the Editor: Who says “U”-nity comes from hatred?

Editor:In light of rivalry week, I hope tobring some dignity back to the U.There is a reason that Urban Meyer refersto the “The Team Down South” assuch. We don’t like hearing that namein the same sentence as our belovedUtes.In Ruth Anne Frost’s article (“Nothingbrings the U together like hatredfor the Y,” Nov. 16) I became upset atthe fact that she gives “that team” somuch credit for putting the “U” in ourunity.Do students here really feel goodabout acting like the KKK (An exampleof a group that is united in hatred)?I also have been disgusted when Ilook around the U bookstore and seethat ugly Cougar being placed on ourT-shirts next to our team, virtuallytarnishing our red and white colors arephrases like: “Friends don’t let friendsgo to the Y.”These sayings might be good forpoking fun at the Cougars, but I forone, wouldn’t be caught wearing anythingwith a blue cougar on it. So whywould I want to even mention them inthe same breath as Utah?Have some dignity, U fans.It is common knowledge that wehate BYU, and we likely wouldn’tdream of letting our kids date a BYUgraduate.Let’s not celebrate the fact that wehate the Cougars.Defining our football seasons aren’tjust about beating the “Team DownSouth” anymore-it’s about bigger andbetter things and I think we need tomove on from unity in hatred to unityin dominance.Tony PizzaBiology