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Apparently, inanother attempt todistract from thefact the he’s no morethan a two-bit KurtCobain impersonator,Vines frontman Craig Nicholls recently came cleanabout his inner demons.Following a heated scuffle with a paparazziphotographer that left Nichollsfacing charges of malicious damage andassault, the adolescent Aussie confessedthat his deeply rooted emotional damagecaused him to start throwing punches-not his bad-ass rock star swagger. Tough,huh?Nicholls, who has been diagnosed withAspergers Syndrome (a developmentaldisorder characterized by problems withsocial interaction), managed to get hischarges dropped with only a slap on thewrist.One question: What the Hell ever happenedto rock stars acting like bloodyrock stars? Did you see Henry Rollinsapologize for knocking the mohawk offRancid’s gutter-punk guitarist for talkingtrash on Black Flag? No. ‘Nuff said.G-Unit Groundling Gives InIn other, more celebrity-worthy behavior,G-Unit rising star Young Buck hasturned himself in to the Los Angeles PoliceDepartment on charges of attemptedmurder and assault with a deadly weapon.Acknowledging charges stemmingfrom the all-out-ruckus that was lastweek’s Vibe Awards, Buck was releasedon $500,000 bail and a not-guilty plea.Yes, that’s $500,000 bail-a half -milliondollars.The altercation, ignited by the assaultof G-Unit mentor Dr. Dre by Los Angelesnative Jimmy James Johnson, left Johnsonin the hospital with a collapsed lungfrom a stab wound. A video of the eventincriminated Buck as one of Johnson’s assailants.However, Buck’s attorney, ScottLeemond, is quick to councilthat the world should, “Rememberone thing: Picturesmay be deceiving.”Buck resumed touring thisweek with concerts in Virginia,North Carolina and Alabamaand is awaiting trial onDec. 20.The moral of the story? Gg-g-Unit ain’t nothin’ to f***with.Jackson Needs to Forgetthe World and Heal HisPocketbookKamad Enterprises, theowner of Los Angeles antiqueboutique Mayfair Gallery, hassubpoenaed Michael Jacksonto the tune of $178, 875, claimingthat Jackson has failed topay the remainder of a $378,875bill for 20 pieces of 19th centuryfurniture.Understandably, Kamad is alittle upset.MJ just can’t seem to geta break lately. This becamepainfully clear when Jackson’sattorneys told The AssociatePress that they had yet to reviewthe Kamad claim, as theyare still in the process of reconciling”other issues.”Other than charges of childmolestation that will see Jacksonon the stand Jan. 31, thepop superstar’s former producerand business associateJ. Marc Schaffel has now fileda claim for more than $3 millionin late loan payments andproduction fees owed him byJackson.For the time being Jacksonhas retreated to his Neverlandranch, in hopes of locatingthe actual Never Never Land(which he swears can be foundsomewhere off to the right andstraight on ’til morning).In other related news, Jackson’sdebtors were heard tosay, “Doesn’t he have a giantgold statue fashioned afterhimself or something? Are yousure we can’t we just take thatand call it even?”