Letter to the Editor: Thank you Utes!


Against a backdrop of violence in sports, and amid a world filled with war and struggle-a country so filled with bickering and battling political campaigns-it was great to have seen the mass of positive energetic celebration on Saturday after the football game.

Having seen the crowd surge on the field in celebration of a victory-and perhaps in celebration of a chance to celebrate and feel victorious about anything -it was a great moment for me and for many others.

I believe it was a great moment for the U, and for Utah, and has resonated to the people of this country that a lot of serious heart and soul is present in this state.

This was a moment in Utah sports that will be difficult to find a peer for years to come, and a moment that I will never forget.

Thanks to the team and to all of the great fans who respectfully and responsibly showed the national audience that Utah is a great state filled with great people.

Chris Green