BYU had a tougher schedule. Crap

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I am so tired of listening to BYU’s fan cry baby, because they got there Butt beat by Utah. I worked in Provo for 15 years and took alot of crap from the Zoobies. Several years ago Utah lost to Boise, and all I heard was how Utah couldn’t even beat Boise. Now that BYU been beaten by them twice, they are crying that Boise is a tough team. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to take anything away from Boise State. They are a class act, I just wish BYU know how to be a class act also. They got beat by two Class teams Boise & UTAH. UTAH is undefeated and BYU needs to just shut up & get a new coach.

JeffC., Ketchikan Alaska