Letter to the Editor: The Utes have heart, that’s what it’s about


Scott Fife, why don’t you get serious (“BYU had a tougher schedule,” Nov. 24)? What ruffles your feathers more, the U beating BYU-I mean pummeling BYU- by 31 points, or the fact that we can be proud of an 11-0 record?

Or is the real issue the fact that BYU didn’t even rank in the top 25 schools, no matter what their schedule looked like? And since you brought it up, BYU did meet Boise, Stanford and USC this season-and lost.

Face it, BYU’s football team is a shred of what it used to be under LaVell Edwards.

Frankly, I would put our Utes and the system Urban Meyer and his coaching staff has implemented against Boise or USC any day.

The fact that their schedule didn’t place them against a larger school should not draw any less respect. They are still in the BCS. They are still ranked 6th. BYU is not. Go figure.

It’s about heart, not about numbers.

Connie Anast

University Hospital Staff