Student on the street: Is The Chrony liberal or conservative and why?

I’d say it’s on the liberal side. Why? That’s tough to say. Me being from South Carolina, I expected everything to be conservative. For Utah, it’s liberal.Ryan FergusonSenior, Mass Communication

More liberal but I can’t think of a specific example I can think of off the top of my head.Stacy MaddenSenior, Political Science/English

Probably more liberal. Why? That’s just how most journalists tend to go. And it appears to have a more liberal stance than conservative.Lynsey LawrenceSenior, Public Relations

Probably a happy medium of the two. I read every day and never found it to be polarized one way or the other.Amy RomanowskiGraduate Student, French

More liberal. It’s a liberal school. People feel being liberal gives them the right to speak out against big issues.Joel JohnsonJunior, Biology

Liberal. I don’t know, I’ve just read a few that were liberal. I look at the pictures most of the time.Alex CraneFreshman, Chemical Engineering

More liberal. Just during the elections they seemed to have more liberal stories than conservative.Chris CagleSophomore, Meteorology

Three years ago it was liberal. This year’s been equal. Year before was more conservative. This year has been more opinionized and expressive.Matt SchulzJunior, Undecided

More liberal. Because I feel they probably complain more than they construct. I don’t feel that as much this year though.Micah JeppsenSenior, Physics

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