Letter to the Editor: Bookstore cubbies are too small


In Nov. 30’s article (“What’s in your trashcan?” Nov. 30), readers were reminded to use the lockers at the bookstore instead of the cubbyholes to prevent theft of

their belongings.

While I agree, I see one problem that deters students from using the lockers: They’re too small.

I can hardly fit my backpack into the lockers when it’s half full. When it’s fully loaded, I’ll remove things from my backpack, squeeze my pack into the locker, and squeeze my extra belongings into said locker.

If I have a large coat or lunch with me, then I have to use a second locker. The lockers are just the right size for elementary school backpacks, and that’s it.

If the cubbyholes shouldn’t be used, then they should be removed and replaced with lockers, which fit the load that students carry.

Those students who don’t have a quarter to use in the lockers may place their things in an unsecured locker, so they will at the very least be somewhat hidden from potential thieves.

Steven Paradise

Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering