Police report: November mischief

A crazy way to spend turkey dayA man spent part of his Thanksgiving in the math lab between the Cowles and Widsoe buildings of Presidents’ Circle discharging a fire extinguisher, collecting markers and phone and computer cables.Police met the “troubled, rambling” individual at the scene.He spent the rest of his Thanksgiving in the Salt Lake County Jail’s psych unit.

Don’t forget your coat!A thief made off with a lab coat left behind on the second floor of the University Medical Center. The coat had $12 in its pocket, and a burgundy, orange and green decorative flower pin that police reports valued at $100.

A free ticket for a free rideA man received a citation for taking a taxi and not paying the $7.80 fare, a Class B misdemeanor. The man claimed to have lost his wallet.Police did not have a difficult time locating the man; he was still sitting in the back of the cab when they arrived.

Cash, cards, but not the cameraA thief busted the front passenger window of a car parked in the East Village lot near the 1100 court. Both a purse and a digital camera were on the front seat, but only the purse, which contained $20 and a debit and credit card, was stolen. The purse was returned the next day, without the cash and cards.

Special delivery…to my collection of stolen goods!A thief intercepted a Mac PowerBook destined for the U’s surplus department.The computer was awaiting delivery on the loading dock of the Huntsman Cancer Institute.Compiled by Tyler Peterson