The Chronicle’s View: Meyer faces a tale of two dreams

The Grinch who stole Christmas lives in South Bend, Indiana.

It was announced yesterday that Notre Dame football coach Tyrone Willingham will not be returning next year.

Guess who has said coaching Notre Dame would be his dream job? Guess who listed Notre Dame as one of three schools he could opt out of his contract for? Guess who the most amazing head coach of 2004 was?

That’s right, Urban Meyer.

Nothing has been announced yet, but believing Urban would turn Notre Dame is akin to believing Bush would turn down military funding.

Would you turn down your dream job?

Let’s be mature. He helped us realize our dream, how can we be bitter if he goes to realize his?

But Urban is mortal, and in the real world there’s always a catch. There’s ALWAYS a catch.

The catch is he wouldn’t be able to coach the Utes in the Fiesta Bowl. He would have to turn down the opportunity to coach the first non-BCS team to break into a BCS bowl in history.

Pretty big catch. Accept your dream job or coach your dream game?

It’s definitely reality show material. Don’t be surprised if you next see Urban walking a tight rope over the Grand Canyon with scorpions in his pants or pushing lemonade for Donald Trump on Wall Street.

But oh, we’d wish he’d stay!

We need him to coach the Fiesta Bowl, and a lot of next year’s recruits only have verbal agreements.

Furthermore, he’s our Moses! He lifted us to BCS status.

And he could become our Joshua, destroying the BCS!

The only reason there is such a thing as “BCS status” is because lower schools are used as steppingstones to BCS schools. If Urban stayed, the nation would have to recognize the U. If excellent coaches quit school-hopping, then every university could have a chance at being a national champion.

Using schools as steppingstones perpetuates the evil, elitist system that the rest of the nation despises.

Please Urban, stay and be a legend! Don’t leave and become “just another great coach.”