Letter to the Editor: Return the Utes banners


In order to be more supportive of the U, the Salt Lake Institute of Religion recently purchased banners with phrases capturing the spirit and excitement of students on campus. The banners were to be a symbol of the unity between the institute and campus. Many fans noticed the bright banners, and expressed their appreciation for the institute’s support of campus activities. The banners were to be flown during every athletic event. Unfortunately, banners saying, “GO UTES” were stolen from the grounds of the institute at some point of time during the Utes’ victory over BYU.

The theft of these banners is a great loss to the institute as well as supporters of U athletics. The institute respectfully requests the return of the stolen banners. No criminal charges will be pursued; no negative consequences will befall the person that returns these banners to the institute.

If there is any information regarding the whereabouts of these banners, please contact the office of the institute at 582-6506.

Alisia Abegg

President, LDSSA