The Chonicle’s View: Student involvement is possible at the U

This weekend, leaders of Vote Project will be honored at the Governor’s Mansion for their success in getting thousands of U students registered to vote.

Also this weekend will be the first Friday Night Live in the Union and the first “HC” party at the Heritage Center.

The recent success of Vote Project, coupled with last year’s success in spearheading Crimson Nights and campaigning to increase voter participation in ASUU elections, suggests that student involvement is possible.

Achieving greater student involvement at this “commuter campus” is the goal of every student group every year. Lately, it’s been happening.

Just because the U is a “commuter campus” by nature doesn’t mean it always has to be. Very dedicated and hard working students have shown that it’s possible to get high turnout for events and projects.

Student involvement doesn’t have to be an elusive dream. It can be, and should be, a reality.

What is the college experience about if one can’t get together with smart energetic people to learn, experience new things and meet new people? What is college for if one can’t participate in the market place of ideas-and party?

While each group has successfully achieved high student turnout, i.e., the Union Planning Council, Vote Project and last year’s ASUU, students are collectively busting stereotypes.

The impossible is possible with enough planning, volunteers and hard work. Credit is given where credit is due.

So let’s keep this trend going!

Give the HC party and Friday Night Live a chance. With all the hard work that’s been going into events and campaigns recently, there’s no reason to believe the organizers of HC and FNL will come up short.

These events are a great way to unwind as the dreaded Finals Week approaches. They’re also a great way to meet some new people to spend the long Winter Break with.

Greater involvement strengthens the U community, and it’s fun. Student leaders are doing they’re part to make big things happen. But success is ultimately up to U students. Attend these new events. Keep attending Crimson Nights. Keep participating in things like Vote Project.

Football aside, 2004 has been an amazing year for many reasons. Let’s make 2005 even better.