Letter to the Editor: Don’t forgive Meyer’s departure

Editor:I was not surprised to see Urban go-disappointed, but not surprised. I thoughtUrban was better than this, I thought hehad a lot of dignity. He proved me wrong.He showed me IT’S ALL ABOUT THEMONEY. Not only did he bail out on histeam after only two seasons, he evenpassed up his “dream job” because Floridaoffered, big surprise, MORE MONEY.Did he even have time to get a nameplatefor his desk? Don’t get me wrong, Urbanis obviously a fantastic football coach,but am I the only one who feels used? HeyUrb, can we help you get a better job inthe BCS conference? We won’t mind if youleave us high and dry in the recruit department,or if your leaving inspires our Heismantrophy candidate QB to enter the NFLdraft. Note to Florida: Make sure you guysdon’t go undefeated, or your new coachwill bolt for the NFL.To Utah football fans: Don’t excuse Meyerbecause of two good seasons-if therecruits and donors change their minds,it’s back to 6-5.To Meyer: Don’t let the door hit you onthe way out.Jef CartwrightSenior, Economics