Support for Utah Football

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Recent attitudes about Utah Football are irrational altogether and are not good for the U. Urban is a Gator, and Sanford is a Rebel . . . so what’s next for the Utes? More great football. Urban Meyer is a great coach and Florida is fortunate to have him. He was good for the U and brought a new feeling of excitement and power to Utah Football that can be maintained by the fans and players. More importantly though, he coached an amazing group of football players. This team we have enjoyed watching has worked hard and deserves credit for back-to-back MWC titles, an undefeated season, and for making college football history. With all the disruptions in the coaching staff, some seem to have forgotten what the Utes have accomplished as a TEAM. I applaud all the players and all those who have contributed to this years’ exciting success.

It seems we have been “Urban”ized and forgotten that football is not a one-man show. The fate of this team does not rest solely on the shoulders of Urban, or any other individual – player or staff. Football is a team sport and this is a team of hardworking and talented players who have worked together. This is a team that has earned a BCS invitation. This is a team that deserves tens of thousands of screaming fans at the Fiesta Bowl. So find a way to get to Tempe and ring in the New Year with a great BCS bowl game featuring your Utah Utes. And, for those who are “fair weather” enough to leave a notable football game because of slightly inclement weather, Tempe is beautiful this time of year.

Natalie TaylorJunior, CommunicationDevoted Fan