Tye Smith’s Urban Meyer Article

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

First off: A very special “thank you” to Tye Smith for wasting 5 minutes of my life. I am now dumber after reading your article on Urban Meyer leaving the U. (12/7/04).Never, in my short 25 years of existence on God’s good green earth have I witnessed such journalistic ignorance as when I read Mr. Smith’s article demanding Urban Meyer “never set foot on campus again”. Tye–read this several times before moving on: YOU ARE AN IDIOT. There–I said it. A cutting remark to your personal stature. Shouldn’t be anything new to you since that’s basically what your whole article consisted of. If you had one shred of decency, or even a speck of true “red” blood running through your system, you would be immensely grateful for what Meyer has done for the University of Utah. You would mourn his departure (for a short time) and then you would wish him well in his future endeavors. Of course, you wouldn’t know this because the chapter on integrity wasn’t included in your “fairweather fan” handbook.Only a fool would belittle Meyer for taking a well-paying, high profile job. Were you offered $12 million a year to write crap, you’d sign the contract quicker than a cat can lick it’s own ass. I wish Meyer the best in Florida, and with Whittingham as the new coach at the U, I think we couldn’t be in better hands. Here’s to many more great seasons for University of Utah football.Oh–and, uh, Tye-Tye–the next time you come into work at The Chronicle, leave your purse at home. Whino.